Want to know how to make over your blog?

Here are some simple ways to make over your blog from Jean’s Writing blog.

Jean's Writing

Simple, change the font and change the look.

I wasn’t real happy with the look of my blog, so that’s what I’ve done, tried out different fonts. Like with my living room, which by the way drives my husband nuts I like to shift things around every now and again.

Think I’ve found some keepers, at least for now. Futura PT and FF Meta Serif. Let me know if you think the overall look is an improvement or not or you can’t tell or even if you don’t remember. LOL

My apologies if while I was shifting fonts around you were bombarded by flickers from my blog.

Hmm, does WordPress send out an update every time I change something on my page?

Yikes! I hope not, that could get annoying.

But, like y’all I want my blog to look the best it possibly can. How do you decide which fonts look best? Sometimes…

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