Hook Me Up, Man

Here is another thought provoking response to a question that authors are frequently asked from Author Megan Morgan’s blog

Megan Morgan

For the next couple weeks, I’m giving serious answers to the questions in my humorous post The Top 10 Things People Say to Writers, and How You Should Respond. So when you’re tired of being snarky this will help you give some constructive–and helpful–answers to your non-writer friends and family.

On to number four!

4. I wrote a book too! Can you hook me up with your publisher?

I’ve gotten this question several times since I’ve been published, and I can tell you it always comes from someone who, while they may be a writer, has no experience with the writing industry, and has never queried any of their work before. Just like you wouldn’t ask a doctor to ‘hook you up’ with the hospital they work at or a lawyer to just give you a spot at their firm, asking a writer to give you an…

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