Proofreding and Editing Rates (not mine; I don’t do that)

Here’s a thought-provoking post from Dan Alatorre’s blog on Proofreading and Editing rates and definitions

Dan Alatorre

danWe’re getting close to the announcement of the Word Weaver Writing Contest Winners, so I’m distracting you with this post.

And yes, I misspelled proofreading in the title on purpose.


You guys always ask me what stuff like editing costs, so I looked up a few editors’ rates. This is not unusual for editing, and a clean MS (manuscript) costs much less to edit.

No that’s not a shameless plug for my Private Critique Group.

Check out these rates. You can decide for yourself if they’re worth it – oh, and by the way, this isn’t fixing your story so it’s a page turner, it’s mostly finding typos and missing commas and stuff. Maybe a little story doctoring but that’s not usually what regular editors excel at.

Person A


75,000 (300 pages)$405.00 – $675.00

100,000 (400 pages)$540.00 – $900.00

Person B


Dollars: $0.004 p/word (approx…

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