#Extract from Let Us Be True by @Alex_Christofi @serpentstail

Check out the book, Let Us Be True, by Alex Christofi, as featured on the Portobello Book Blog

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Let Us Be True by [Christofi, Alex]

One of the things you find as a blogger is that there are so many books which sound terrific but that sadly you just can’t fit in. Today I am sharing an extract from a book which fits that description. Let Us Be True, is the second novel by Alex Christofi. His debut novel, Glass, was a gentle coming-of-age story about a window cleanerIt was widely praised, earning Alex a place on the Desmond Elliot Prize longlist and went on to win the Betty Trask Prize for fiction

 In Let Us Be True Alex turns his attention to a post-war Paris. Ralf and Elsa are falling in love but each battling troubled pasts and carrying heavy secrets. Through childhoods spent in rapidly Nazifying Germany, Ralf’s time in a British tank division in the Second World War, Elsa’s experience of motherhood, and forward to 1960s Paris, 

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