Stevie Turns Reviewer

Stevie Turner

I’m starting to get emails from authors requesting reviews.  I keep on reading that authors must read as much as they write, and so I’ve said yes to a few requests.  So many authors write about how they never read anymore as they’re too busy writing.  However, if nobody reads at all because they’re all too busy with their job or hobby, then what’s the point of writing books in the first place?

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but to be honest, only certain genres appeal to me.  If you’ve got a fantasy or Sci-fi book,  horror story, erotic or vampire novel or anything based in the future where characters are ‘shifters’ and have other-wordly names, then I’m afraid I’m not the reviewer for you.  Also unfortunately I’m not too keen on detective novels/mysteries but some of these do appeal, usually the ones written by British authors (I don’t understand some of the American vernacular).


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