Review: “Hope” by Jennifer Gibson

Check out the book, Hope, by Jennifer Gibson, as reviewed on Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


Hope by [Gibson, Jennifer]Jessie is back for another young adult story about being true to yourself, overcoming obstacles and, as the title says, hope.
Jessie is partially deaf, but won’t let herself discouraged. Being partially deaf doesn’t stop her from going for her goals, be that sport, romance or even from passing on her skills and wisdom.
Within the series I enjoyed this book the most. While it covers more of the same issues of living with as a teenager with a disability and not being discouraged, Jessie has grown a lot more since the first book and she becomes a truly inspiring character in Hope.
There are some wonderful moments in this book, as Jessie and her friends learn valid lessons from her situation. There is much in the dialogue that I wanted to write down to memorise, as it encaptures great spirit so wonderfully. Moving.


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