Just Where You Left It… and other poems by David Roche

Check out this collection of poems by David Roche, Just Where You Left It and Other Poems, as featured on Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag

Just Where You Left it

I don’t read and review enough poetry so when a copy of Just Where You Left It by David Roche dropped into my inbox unexpectedly, I thought I’d dip in straight away.

Published by Unbound on 24th August 2017, Just Where You Left It is available for purchase here.

Just Where You Left It

Just Where You Left itJust Where You Left It is a collection of humorous poetry about how to survive school, parents and everything else that’s unfair in life.

From David Roche come these simple and charming rhymes designed to make parents and children alike fall in love with poetry again… or maybe for the first time. It all started with a poem about the agony of poetry recitation, written by David for his son.

In fact, all of these poems were written for his three sons, touching on everything they might encounter growing up: exams, school meals, bullying, sports…

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