Word count calculator to keep you on track, plus mini update

Check out this post from author Steve Boseley’s blog on using a word count calculator and an update on what he’s been up to.

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

I’ve had my head down for the last few weeks, doing other things, but I wanted to get things back on track. I am working on a blog post about email lists – what are they, and do I need them? It’s turning into a monster and currently sits at almost2.5K words. If you’ve ever wondered about having one, or perhaps you can’t see the benefit, stay tuned. Click ‘follow’ to be informed when it’s ready.

I’ll be doing another edition of ‘Author with Multiple Sclerosis’ in the next week or so, where I’ll talk about all the things that have been going on (or not, in the case of my health), but today I had one thing I wanted to mention, and one free little word-count calculator I dreamed up (I find myself becoming obsessed with schedules and word counts). Hopefully you’ll find it useful in planning your writing…

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