Show, Don’t Tell

Another thoughtful answer to a question that writers get asked frequently from author Megan Morgan’s blog.

Megan Morgan

For the next couple weeks, I’m giving serious answers to the questions in my humorous post The Top 10 Things People Say to Writers, and How You Should Respond. So when you’re tired of being snarky this will help you give some constructive–and helpful–answers to your non-writer friends and family.

On to number three!

3. Can you show me how to write a book?

It’s not an unreasonable reaction, if someone asks you this question, to stare blankly at them and wonder if they’re joking. You might want to explain to them that it’s on par with asking “Can you show me how to build a house?” or “Can you show me how to perform surgery?” If the person is in a particular profession you can ask them in return “Can you show me how to do (some complicated thing that takes a long time to master at their…

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