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Check out the book, Behind Her Back, by Jane Lythell, as featured on the Portobello Book Blog

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Behind Her Back: A gripping novel of workplace rivalry, backstabbing and betrayal (StoryWorld) by [Lythell, Jane]

Behind Her Back is the second in the StoryWorld series by Jane Lythell. I haven’t read the first one (Woman of the Hour) but this can easily be read as a standalone novel. Liz Lyon is a producer on popular morning tv programme Storyworld and has just returned from her holidays to find that changes are afoot for the programme and its staff, changes which look as though they will make her working life rather difficult. In particular, a new member of staff, Lori Kerwell, seems to be working to undermine Liz and Liz is beginning to wonder just how much is going on behind her back.

Although the tv world is not one that many of us will be familiar with, Jane Lythell shows that issues faced in that environment aren’t much different from the more typical working world. Liz has to face a dilemma which will be familiar…

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