Review: “A Daughter’s Promise” by Fran Lewis

Check out the book, A Daughter’s Promise, by Fran Lewis, as reviewed on Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


A Daughter's Promise by [Lewis, Fran]Today I’m delighted to review “A Daughter’s Promise” by Fran Lewis. This is a wonderful tribute from a daughter to her mother. Ruth, the mother, tells in her own words how she feels about the diagnosis and subsequent suffering with Alzheimers, while Fran, the daughter describes her side of the story.
While being honest about the tragedy that the illness is, Fran manages to give hope and help for readers of this wonderful literary mosaic, which also includes lovely poems.
Fran includes basic facts about the illness before the story begins, so many misconceptions are cleared up before they can be falsely applied to the story. We all think we know much about the illness, but we know only a glimpse unless affected directly, and even then we know only one story.
Fran tells us this story, with the help of transcripts from her mother’s dictations, poems and anecdotes.

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