Wild Keys

Check out this story of inspiration from phenomenal keyboard player and a person I’m proud to call a friend, Armond Blackwater from his blog.

Armond Blackwater

I was 14 when our band leader handed me a 45 back in ’68 that would to become the Biker’s Anthem: Born To Be Wild. I see it now as a pivotal moment in my life.

Goldy McJohn’s beastial keyboard performance on Born To Be Wild completely changed my perception of my instrument.

I listened repeatedly while pondering what I was hearing, trying to process the sounds grinding out of his Hammond and Leslie. Typically, I would play along with a new song once or twice while figuring it out and another couple to master the part. That wasn’t hanppening on this song.

I marveled at the raw emotion he was able to emit via a single E-minor chord. So much sonic complexity in a single chord that I probably listened 15 times before touching my organ.

The first step was to find the drawbar settings. Nine individual sources…

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