The Orphans by Annemarie Neary

Check out the book, The Orphans, by Annemarie Neary, as featured on the 746 Books blog

I reviewed Annemarie Neary’s novelSirenlast year and enjoyed the clever plotting and sharp writing very much. Her new novel TheOrphans lives up to that initial promise and delivers a thoughtful, subtle thriller that explores childhood trauma and how the ghosts of our past can define who we become.

The book opens in Goa in 1992, where Sophie and William are living with their two young children Jess and Sparrow (Ro for short). They are living the hippy dream, but that dream soon becomes a nightmare when the couple disappear from the beach in plain sight while their children play by the water’s edge. William’s body is discovered, but Sophie has vanished, leaving these two children orphaned in a strange country. Pursued by the tabloids and eventually taken in by friends and relatives, Jess is left as the protector of her younger brother at just the age of…

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