The Instinctive Hero: Guts Over Brains

Here is another interesting post from Charles Yallowitz’s blog on the instinctive hero in writing. You know, those guys that act first and ask questions later.

Legends of Windemere

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On the other end of the mental spectrum are those characters who demand almost entirely on instinct.  Just like Thinkers, they aren’t entirely instinct, but that’s what drives them more than planning.  Much like their tactics, these characters are fairly easy to describe.  They work off their first reaction when faced with a challenge and continue operating off whatever their gut tells them to do.  For example, a hero may dive into a fight and then retreat when things get to rough or continue swinging until they realize that they might not win.

The funny thing is how people will look at a character like this as a negative.  Loose cannon, loner, not a team player, unhinged, reckless, and the list of descriptions continues going to make sure you don’t want to be anywhere near these guys when they show up.  They are sources of chaos and…

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