Word Weaver Writing Contest Update AND Anthology Update

Here’s an update on Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest and the upcoming anthology from his blog.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

danI should probably stop doing updates for two different things. It gets confusing.


the Word Weaver finalists have been decided.

And until the big announcement, no one knows who won but me. I think. My daughter may have spied when I did the last round of tiers. But otherwise I think it’s a close circle of tight lipped confidants.

Anyway, we are on schedule to announce the winners of the July 2017 Word Weaver Writing Contest on August 15, as scheduled.

Not really sure why that needed announcing but I felt like it did.

But I will say, wow, what a tough group of entries this was. Very hard to determine a winner, there were so many terrific stories. I’m not sure I got a bad one. You guys are bringing your A Game. And it’s fun to read these things.

Next, the ANTHOLOGY.

We decided on “scary”as…

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