A Publication Day Interview with Carol Warham, Author of Resolutions

Check out this publication day interview with author Carol Warham and her book, Resolutions, from Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag


One of the reasons I blog is to provide a platform for new authors to showcase their books and I’m delighted to welcome Carol Warham to Linda’s Book Bag. Carol’s novel Resolutions is published today 9th August 2017 and I’m so glad she agreed to come onto the blog to tell me a little about it.

Published by Tirgearr in e-book, Resolutions is available for purchase here.



A few days before the New Year, Carly Mitchell returns home to the small town on the Yorkshire moors. Her intention for the short visit is to make her apologies and offer an explanation for her action. A year earlier, she fled, leaving her bridegroom and friends bewildered.

She’s met with mixed reactions, ranging from curiosity to open hostility. However, when an emergency arises, Carly agrees to change her plans and stay a little longer. Falling in love with the…

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