A Message From The Other Side by @Moira_Forsyth #review @sandstonepress

Check out the book, A Message from the Other Side, by Moira Forsyth, as featured on the Portobello Book Blog

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A Message From the Other Side by [Forsyth, Moira]

A Message From The Other Side begins with a mysterious phone call which takes Catherine Sinclair aback. The voice on the other end of the phone appears to be Gil Sinclair, her estranged husband Kenneth’s brother. Gil has been missing for years and his possible return makes Catherine, Kenneth and Catherine’s sister Helen very uneasy. Why do they all have reasons to be concerned that Gil may have returned and what does one of them in particular have to fear?

From this very intriguing prologue, the story spools back several years and follows Catherine and Helen over time, looking at their relationships with the various men in their lives and with each other. It did take me a wee while to sort out who was who and how they were connected but, once I had, I found this a very compelling read. I was particularly interested in the relationship between…

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