4 Ways to Pack the Power of Scrivener into Your Series

Check out this post from the Story Empire on packing the power of Scrivener into your series.

Story Empire

Hello, Story Empire readers! Today, I’d like to cover a topic about Scrivener that may help a few of you out when you didn’t know you needed help. A while back, I wrote on this blog about using Auto-complete and Keywords. Today, I’m going to expand on those tools in regard to developing a series of books in Scrivener.

The best way to develop a series using Scrivener is to use a single project. This means you should create each book in the series within the series project. There are several reasons to develop your series this way:

  1. You have fewer projects to track. Much like I use Scrivener to develop a year’s worth of blogs in one project to reduce the number of them, having a single project for a book series is much easier to manage.
  2. You only have one set of development notes to juggle. If you’re…

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