The Thinking Hero: Brains Over Guts

Check out this great post from the Legends of Windemere blog on the thinking hero. I have used this hero type in my own work and Charles does a great job of discussing this type of character.

Legends of Windemere

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A while back, I did a series of posts on type of fighters, which included strength, speed, and tactical.  It was this last section (labeled as Counters and Caution) that I had trouble with because I couldn’t put my finger on the best explanation.  Strategists still use strength, speed, and agility when they enter the battle.  This left me wondering how one writes the tactics of various characters.  So, I’m going to look into what I considered the two mental extremes: Thinker and Instinct.

Today is all about the Thinking Fighter/Hero who comes up with a plan before stepping into action and keeps their mind working throughout the event.  This would be Delvin Cunningham more than any other champion and it’s his specialty.  Because of his skill at coming up with plans, he is able to hold his own and defeat opponents who outclass…

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