Let’s Get Serious…

Author Megan Morgan answers the question that many authors hear, why are you still working at your day job? Check out this post on her blog.

Megan Morgan

On Friday, I made a humorous post The Top 10 Things People Say to Writers, and How You Should Respond. I thought it might be fun (and cause dang, it’s hard to come up with blog post ideas) if I broke down every one of those list items in its own post and answered it…gasp…seriously. Yes, I can be serious sometimes! And also, because, I think these really are things that writers have said to them from time to time, and we need to learn a diplomatic–and perhaps constructive–way to deal with it.

So, over the next couple weeks, I’ll be breaking down each item on the list and I’ll try to answer it as seriously, and studiously, as I can.

Ready? Let’s start at the top!

1. How come you’re still working at (day job) if you have a book published?

I’ve talked about this before:…

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