Where Writers Get Stuck: Drafting

Check out this helpful post from Allison Maruska on the pitfalls writers face while drafting.

Allison Maruska

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog mini-series on where writers get stuck, based on this poll I took on Twitter.


We started with Planning, though today’s topic is closely related – so closely, in fact, that Dan combined them in his response to Part 1. Drafting issues are often the result of planning issues.

However, there are “specific to drafting” issues as well, and seeing as they came out on top in the poll, many writers struggle with them. Let’s visit a couple of culprits that cause us to get stuck in the drafting stage, or when we turn our plan into a narrative, complete with sentences, paragraphs, and hopefully, a good story.

typing-690856_1280Culprit 1: The writer doesn’t love the idea enough to stick with it.

In his aptly titled How to Write a Novel, Nathan Bransford says this:

Avarice is what motivates people to write in…

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