How To Write Good – no, AMAZING – Dialogue

Check out this great post from Dan Alatorre on writing great dialogue from his blog.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

dan your humble host

People tell me I write good dialogues in my stories.

It’s true.

Actually, I write greatdialogues.

You wanna do that, right?

I like to see how things are done behind the scenes, so I figured maybe you guys would, too. Here, I set aside one of my early drafts of The Water Castle and Poggibonsi to show how I evolve my patented dialogues.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you more examples to help you see the process.

My characters tend to talk a lot, but they – like yours – have to do things during the conversation or it gets dull fast.

So I laid out the process. I’m nice that way.

This post will answer all you questions about writing dialogue and solve all your problems, but it’s long.It’s also free, so read it or save it for later, but use it.


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