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Check out the book, The Revel Queen, by J.D. Smith, as featured on the Rosie Amber blog.

Rosie Amber

The Rebel Queen (Overlord Book 4) by [Smith, JD]The Rebel Queen by J D Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Rebel Queen is historical fiction and book #4 of The Overlord series set in ancient third century Syria.

It opens with a prologue from thirteen year old Zenobia, a confident young lady not averse to speaking her mind as she sits on the king’s council. Impressed by what he hears, King Odenathus takes Zenobia as his wife. Together they are strong rulers, keeping the Persians at bay, but ever aware of their Roman overlords.

Zenobia is clever and ambitious, giving her husband sons and fighting by his side. She also keeps trade routes open and makes friends in neighbouring countries. Everyone talks of the greed and corruption of Rome, and its downfall is predicted. Zenobia is determined to put the needs of the Syrian people before that of Rome.

Most of the story is told by…

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