What is the difference between suspense and mystery?

Check out this discussion on the difference between Suspense and Mystery from Jean’s Writing blog.

Jean's Writing

To be honest, I’m not sure I know the answer.

Although, I’ve been reading and researching both genres for months.

My favorite movies and books are mystery/suspense. I’m writing (I hope) what will turn out to be a suspense novel. Once I re-read the following article compliments of Dan Alatorre and his guest blogger, Allison Maruska I may decide it’s a mystery. Stay tuned.

What did I pick up from Allison’s post?

In fiction, as in life, timing is everything. 

Solve a mystery.

Stop the suspense.

These two genres fold into other genres such as romance and Sci-fi. There is always something to stop or something to solve. 

Now your turn. Click and read how Allison Maruska explains the Suspense & Mystery genre.

Suspense vs Mystery: What’s The Difference? A guest blog post by Allison Maruska

What did you think?

Did you already know the difference?

Do you agree with…

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