Check out this post from author Megan Morgan on the concept of originality from her blog.

Megan Morgan

Be original! It’s one of those rules of writing that as an author, you’re going to hear at least 5,000 times in your writing life, along with such seasoned bits of wisdom such as show don’t tell, write every day, and never, ever be boring or else you’re going to hell. Of course, the longer you write, the more you understand that all of these ‘rules’ have a time and place, don’t mean what they seem to mean on the surface, and frankly, people can get stuffed.

Even square watermelons are not original, they’re produced en masse.

The command “be original!” on the surface sounds like every single thing you write should be 100% unique, a true trailblazing story in your genre, and should emulate absolutely nothing from any other author or story. The problem is, there’s very few original ideas left in the world, and also, if…

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