Anthology update!

Join in on the fun for this anthology being put together by Dan Alatorre. I’m submitting a story for it. Can’t wait.

Dan Alatorre

For those of you who are interested (and I hope that’s a lot of you), we have finalized some of the ideas for the anthology.

The theme is: SCARY

That’s a pretty broad brush, gang. Feel free to go crazy.

Scary includes: you know, lots of stuff. Horror. Macabre. All that. Channel your inner Stephen King.

You are ALL welcome to contribute something for consideration. I’ll be the considerer.

The DEADLINE to get your short story to me is September 1.

That way we can do whatever editing and changes and still have the thing ready to go by October 1, our planned release date – to market our scary stuff in Halloween month.

ANYlength short story will be good.

I think most of you can put out 3000 words in 30 days, some of you can do it much faster than that.

Shorter submissions are welcome.

Longer submissions…

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