How To Critique and Edit Your OWN Work, part 2

Here is part 2 of Dan Alatorre’s helpful information on critiquing and editing your own work from his blog.

Dan Alatorre

danLast week we discussed some basic tips to improve your writing the way a critique group would. Today we address more of those suggestions plus how to deal with reading harsh critiques you might get in a free online critique group and other not so fun things. (And some fun things, too.)


When you read a critique of your story in a free online critique group, try read it in combination with other critiques.

If three crits all point to the same thing as a problem, consider addressing at it. 

Don’t change anything based on just one crit unless it’s from Stephen King or Stephen Hawking, and then be sure to mention what close personal friends you and I are.

In a critique group, look for people who want to help you improve. That doesn’t mean to seek out fans or to make friends, because that tends to lead…

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