How To Find Your Lost Writer’s Muse #SundayBlogShare #ASMSG #Writer

Check out this post from the Blonde Write More blog on the topic of finding your lost muse.


This year my writer’s muse has gone missing in action A LOT! When I get a spare moment I will be checking her contract because I don’t believe I hired her to:

  • Disappear for weeks on end with no note or clue as to where she is going.
  • Return whenever she feels like it, usually in the small hours when I am fast asleep and cuddling my Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook of 2017.
  • Tempt and tease me with an array of delicious story ideas and then at about eight thousand words vanish.

When your writer’s muse runs off it can be quite scary. The door to your writer’s brain becomes locked and no matter how hard you try you can’t access your box of creative ideas, piles of plot threads and character warehouse. Your days become filled with staring at a bit of blank paper, wiping away a tear whilst…

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