The House of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond #review @ldiamondauthor @panmacmillan @gracejbaird

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The House of New Beginnings by [Diamond, Lucy]

I’m pleased to introduce you to my first guest reviewer today – my daughter Grace! Grace read The House of New Beginnings on holiday and enjoyed so much I suggested she write a review for the blog. So over to Grace for her first blog review. I know I’m biaised but I think she’s done rather well!

“The House of New Beginnings” was the first book I have read by Lucy Diamond. It will, however, most certainly not be the last! This is the story of three women making a new life in Seaview House on the coast in Brighton. In Flat 1 is Rosa; recently running away from a disaster in her previously perfect London life, she is pursuing her dream of becoming a chef. Flat 3 is where Georgie lives; she followed her boyfriend Simon down to Brighton where he has been offered an architecture job. Georgie decides…

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