Review – The Enhanced League by C.S. Boyack

35626135Goodreads Synopsis:

The Enhanced league is a collection of short stories and anthems centered around a year in a fictional baseball league. It has a slight science fiction background. This league has a lot more pomp than you might be used to, and nobody seems to care if the players use performance enhancing drugs.

Stories involve existing heroes, up and comers, and falling stars. While there are the obvious stories that take place on the field of play, there are also human interest stories that take place around the baseball gyrations. These stories involve scouting, trades, ruthless business decisions, and even relationships.
Craig 25

My Review:

This book of short stories and snippets was an enjoyable read. I flew from Jacksonville to Chicago and, factoring in the Atlanta weather delays, I read the entire book on my trip. The pages flew by as if they were on steroids.

The theme of the book revolves around a fictional baseball league where anything goes in terms of steroids and technology. Boyack is masterful at weaving tales around this league from the point of view of a washed up conventional baseball player that gets a second chance, a group of female umpires and their struggles with gaining credibility despite exploitation in the league.

The thing that struck me the most was the author’s ability to write effective action during the baseball games. He had me on the edge of my seat pulling for the teams and players as I read his accounts of the games. Baseball is not the most action-packed sport, but the exciting moments are without parallel. I suspect that C.S. Boyack is a fan of the game as he narrated the snippets of action with loving detail.

This book reads like a loosely stitched together novel more than a collection of short stories. Throughout the book, Boyack pulls the stitching tighter and tighter until it all makes sense.

It was a great read that I was sorry to see end so quickly.

You can check out this book and more through C.S. Boyack’s blog HERE.

30 thoughts on “Review – The Enhanced League by C.S. Boyack

  1. Great review, Don. I enjoyed this one a lot, and agree with you about the action scenes. I felt like I was watching a live game. I also loved the commentary of the two sportscasters–so much fun!

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