Heading Back to Yucatan on Wednesday

Like me, you can live vicariously through the travels and adventures of Stephen Dennstedt. Enjoy this post on his blog.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

My son Shawn and I are heading back to Yucatan on Wednesday for a three-week visit. This will be his first visit and of course Merida was my second home for over two years. My brother Joel and I revisited Merida (for three months) on our way back to the USA before continuing our world trek. We’ve been back in the States since mid-March and look to resume our travels sometime in September or October—itinerary pending (but with some interesting possibilities).

I’m excited about introducing Shawn to my many friends in Yucatan and to the beautiful sights inside and outside of Merida (the capital city of Yucatan is Merida). He’s going to meet some really cool people and have some great meals at the local eateries. Merida (the White City) is stunningly beautiful with its wide tree-lined avenidas and historical Spanish Colonial architecture. Hopefully, we’re able to…

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