Love Apples by Melissa van Maasdyk

Check out the book, Love Apples, by Melissa Van Maasdyk, as featured on Linda’s Book Bag blog.

Linda's Book Bag

love apples

My grateful thanks to Kelly at Cameron Publicity for providing me with a review copy of Love Apples by Melissa van Maasdyk and for putting me in touch with Melissa so that she could provide a super food based guest post for you to read along with my review of Love Apples today.

Love Apples is published by Lulu and is available for purchase in ebook and paperback here.

Love Apples

love apples

Why get married? London-based food writer Kate Richmond can conceive of no good reason. She’s seen where it got her mother and so has written her own recipe for life, relishing her career, with men on the side — including a delicious love match in Daniel Price.

When Kate heads to Mauritius on an assignment, she seems set to secure her dream job at Be magazine until a cyclone curdles her carefully laid plans for the summer issue…

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