Scrivener Quick Tip – Changing Formatted Content

Here’s another great Scrivener tip from the Archer’s Aim blog

Archer's Aim

Scrivener is a powerful writing tool. I write about it weekly with tips and usage ideas. To read more of my posts click the Scrivener tag or category at the end of the page.

Scriv Button 2Here’s a quick-tip for Scrivener a Monday morning. Need to change types of text in your document? Are the type of quotes you’ve used inconsistent or incorrect? Well, there’s a rather quick fix to these kinds of issues.

Just click on Format, slide down to Convert and you’ll see a number of choices displayed on the resulting fly-out menu:

Scriv Convert Menu

Highlight all of your document or the affected text to make the following changes:

  • Go from smart quotes to straight quotes after highlighting your document.
  • Do the opposite if you need smart quotes instead of straight ones.
  • Need to change case? Just use one of the first three commands.
  • Here’s a good one – do you have…

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