Scrivener Templates and Project Management Pt. 5: Book Reviews

Here is a great post from The Archer’s Aim blog on using Scrivener templates and project management.

Archer's Aim

Scrivener has Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoftbeen a key component to improving my productivity this year. I’ve recently written about various uses for Scrivener such as blog posts, newsletters and even template email messages. Additionally, I’ve shared about using Scrivener templates including some resources for these. In my last post I shared about managing templates. In Part 4 I released my Author Platform Management template. A few posts pastin this series I indicated how I’ll use Scrivener more in the coming year. In my most recent edition I revealed how I’ll approach my increased usage. Today, I’ll reveal a new template and I’m planning another how-to post next week as well as another addition to the Author Platform Management template.

Screenshot: Book Review Template Screenshot: Book Review Template

I recently had a Twitter conversation with V. Walker who read how I’m using Scrivener more this year. She expressed her interest in the software with a…

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