Looks Aren’t Everything–Or Are They?

Here is an insightful post from author Megan Morgan’s blog on the importance of the appearance of your character and how to describe their looks.

Megan Morgan

No matter what genre you write in, there’s a particular difficulty that every single author experiences, in every single book, novella, or short story they write. Not once, not in a few things, but literally every single thing they write. That is, the difficulty in conveying to the reader what your characters look like.

In some genres, your character’s appearance is more important than in others. I write romance, where how people look is integral to the story. Especially when it comes to the protagonist’s love interest, how they look, how attractive they are, and repeated references to their appearance is part of the narrative. The focus is on attraction and looks. In other genres, appearances probably don’t matter as much, but you still want to convey to the reader, most of the time, what your characters look like. Some things about their appearance might even be important to…

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