Meet Guest Author, S.W. Wilcox…

Check out this post by guest author S.W. Wilcox from The Story Reading Ape Blog.

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Good things happen when we’re not looking…. I found this out when trying to re-invent rock music in the ’80s & ’90s to encourage reading.

In San Diego, the first part of the problem was gaining approval from a recognized authority on both rock music and young adult novels: Michael Moorcock. But the main challenge was more about convincing my bandmates that my literary vision was true than gaining Mr. Moorcock’s approval for future collaboration and to use the band-name Stormbringer–which he unexpectedly granted in 1988. To convince and better lead my San Diego bandmates, I:

(1) underwent elective eye-surgery, which improved my vision from legal blindness to functional blindness (loss of sight around age 13 really made me appreciate reading!)

(2) learned how to copyright my 16 songs with the Library of Congress

(3) produced and mixed our demo-tape.

I achieved all this by age 18…

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