Mystery Mondays Review: “The Haunting of Henry Twist” by Rebecca F. John

Check out this review of the mystery, The Haunting of Henry Twist, by Rebecca F. John, as featured on Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


I was alerted to Rebecca’s first novel by a friend who suggested her as a possible author for the next Llandeilo Lit Fest. Rebecca comes with an accolade of awards for her short stories and with plenty of critical praise.
Often, such praise makes me suspicious and reluctant, and reading the first few pages I didn’t get sucked into it. But the excellent writing, the promising characters and an a story with potential soon cahnged that.
Henry Twist loses his wife most tragically and while he struggles as a single parent the unhappily married Mathilda makes her design on the fresh widower. She is a great character and you know that soon she is going to interfer in Henry’s life.
Meanwhile a stranger with amnesia shows up and manages to take Henry’s mind a little off his own sorrow to the mystery around the strange man.
I don’t want to…

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