Give Away Books to Attract Bulk Orders, But Have a Plan #PublicityHound #h2e

How To Ebook

When I speak at author conferences, I usually end up with an armload of books I know I won’t read but will donate to Goodwill.

Authors foist them on me, even after I decline politely, tell them I have little time to read and that if I did read, it would be a magazine or a mystery novel.

Still, they think that giving away copies of their books—even to people like me who aren’t interested —will somehow make them sell more.

That’s why I was pleased when client Kathleen Watson, who published her book “Grammar for People Who Hate Rules,” bought a Rent My Brain hour just before she launched. She sought my advice on a variety of book marketing ideas, including whether she should give away a lot books.

Proceed with caution, I told her, or…

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