Can you info-dump and be interesting?

Here is a great post from the Here Come the Guardians blog on the topic of info-dumping.

Melissa York

What’s the hardest part of writing?  That’s actually a very easy question to answer: avoiding info-dumping.

Info-dumping, which I would define as attempting to tell the reader a lot of background info, is a huge no-no for a writer.  It’s the complete opposite of the “Show-don’t-tell” rule.

So, how do you work in all of that background info that your reader just needs to know, without spending five pages dumping it on them all at once?  It seems easy, but I’m beginning to realize that it’s really not.

What brings this up is one of my story.  I am attempting to outline it, and I have realized that the first book is kind of…well, boring.  The first book is an introduction to a secret branch of the military, completely filled with people with the ability to control the elements.  I had originally planned for the first book to take my…

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