Book Review: Jon Reznick Series

Check out this review of the Jon Reznick Book Series by J.B. Turner as featured on the Word Dreams blog.


I received two of the three in the Jon Reznick series from Netgalley. Jon Reznick is a former Delta warrior, now a “ghost” employed by the American government as a legal assassin who takes his orders from shadowy handlers that rarely support him if efforts go awry. He was their plausible deniability, with no direct link to any US personnel.

“Reznick was not the judge. Nor the jury. He was the executioner.”

But Reznick is not the soulless, morales-challenged killer that would fit nicely into this description. He has lines he won’t cross and he has background  lessons that came not from his time with the military, but influences before that:

“Highly decorated. A bit of a legend among the Delta cadre, by all accounts.”

“He thought of his father, wearing his medals at the Vietnam memorial. He thought of Lauren [his daughter] in her hospital bed. And he thought of…

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