7 Tips to Maintaining a Happy Marriage in a World of Magic & Monsters

Legends of Windemere

Aragorn and Arwen

Marriages are rare in adventure stories, but only because it’s hard to swashbuckle and disarm traps while cleaning the oven.  That and authors seem to love killing off a spouse to get the survivor riled up.  Tradition, thy name is revenge story.  Anyway, Ichabod has a happy marriage even though he travels for work a lot.  He’s also very busy with the release of The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks.  So, he left a note with a few tips on how to stay married when you also have to worry about dragons, fireballs, necrocasters, trolls, harpies, ocean storms, lying bards, lightning bolts, and getting goblin blood on the pair of boots your wife just bought for you.  The stain might get out, but we all know the smell will remain.

  1. Always say good-bye and I love you before leaving for a job.  Hugs and kisses…

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