Recognition for My Writing Partner

img_6131Back in December of 2016, I released the book, Frank Immersed, and fulfilled a new experience. I co-authored this book with my good friend, Kent Arceneaux. Kent is a special kind of guy. He is a lieutenant in the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD), he can cook, he can sing and, as I found out with this book, he can tell a story. The story for Frank Immersed came through the melding of some character ideas that Kent had with my established detective series featuring Private Detective Frank Rozzani and his brilliant sidekick, Clifford “Jonesy” Jones.

Frank Immersed - CoverI posted an article on what the experience of writing with someone else was like which you can read HERE.

Kent did a great job on this book and is starting to get recognition as an author as he moves toward publishing his first solo novel in the near future. A recent newsletter from the JFRD had a great article about him.

Kent Article

Look for Kent’s work in the future. He is a talented guy and a great friend. I’ve read a preview of his upcoming book and it is very good. Think Stephen King meets John Grisham.

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