Got questions about pricing YOUR book?

Here’s a great post from Dan Alatorre on pricing your book.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

dan your humble host

I get a lot of questions from new authors asking about how they should price their book.

  • Sometimes they want to give away a bunch of copies for free.
  • Sometimes they want to sell it for $0.99
  • Others price it as much as a new Stephen King novel.

While I want to state up front there’s really no wrong way to do this, and that you should follow your gut and get paid what you’re think you’re worth, you’ll definitely see different numbers of sales depending on how you price your book.

But you will also see different levels of profits.

This chart from Written Word Media shows that, but one thing you want to consider is this:

Early in your career, you might need more
readers than you need more profit

I’m not saying give your book away, but if you make the same…

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