Story that keeps on giving? Plus #BookReview~ Oath Breaker by @ShelleyWilson72 #YA #Fantasy

Here is a great post from Barb Taub’s blog that combines a spin on the seven basic types of story plots as related to a classic fairy tale and a review of the book Oath Breaker, by Shelly Wilson.

Barb Taub

New superhero? Little Red Riding Hood already has the cape…

WOW! Little Red Riding Hood nails every plot, and then goes on to own YA Fantasy.

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In the early seventies, writer and journalist Christopher Booker started working on a book. Thirty years later, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories was released. It claimed that all plots—from the Bible to a catfood commercial—fall into one (or more) of seven elemental plotlines. Since I was already thinking about today’s book review for an updated YA version of Little Red Riding Hood, I decided to take a look at how well the old fairy tale does with those seven plots. And what the heck…let’s check on how that would fit in with a Young Adult Fantasy Novel while we’re at it.

Little Red Riding Hood (more or less…)Seven Basic Plots (source: Wikipedia)If…

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