How Well Do You Use Metaphor?

Here is a helpful post from the Painting with Light blog on the use of metaphors.

Painting With Light

I talked the other day about the use of metaphor adding richness and texture to your language. The strongest metaphors illuminate complex or abstract concepts by translating them into striking images that resonate with readers.

They stand out.

It was Aristotle who said that mastering metaphors is a “sign of genius.” When you create metaphors that are clear, concise, vivid and relatable your readers will do more than understand your meaning … they’ll experience the thrill of discovery.

Consider these examples:

    * “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”
    ~ Truman Capote

    * “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
    ~ Plutarch

To understand how to use them, if you were to ask yourself what love smells like, what answers might you come up with?

The aroma of chicken roasting in your grandmother’s oven? Freshly cut roses? Your wife’s favorite…

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