Guest Post: Writing the Opposite Sex by C.S. Boyack (THE ENHANCED LEAGUE NOW ON AMAZON!) #baseball #shortstories #scifi

Check out this great post from Author C.S. Boyack on the Legends of Windemere blog.

Legends of Windemere

The Enhanced League
CLICK FOR AMAZON SITE!(Today I have a special guest whose newest short story collection has just been released. A few of these stories focus on female characters, so I asked him to talk about authors writing the opposite sex. So, give a warm welcome and let’s have a friendly chat in the comments.)

Thanks for the invite, Charles, and thanks for the idea. I checked back on my blog tour list and a writing lesson is one of the topics. Before I get into it, I want to tell everyone what I’m promoting today.

The Enhanced League is a collection of short stories that tell an overarching story. This is something new for me, because my previous collections were all stand alone stories. It’s the story of a fictional professional baseball league where performance enhancements are left up to the players. It has a science fiction…

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