Book Review: Warheart

Check out this review of the book, Warheart, by Terry Goodkind, as featured on Melissa York’s blog

Melissa York

The final book of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series.

As you would know from my previous posts, I have not enjoyed the later books of this series, for many reasons.

Firstly, I’ve grown out of the zombie fad, so having my favorite story suddenly join it was highly upsetting.

Secondly, I felt like the entire story was fabricated out of nowhere, when Terry Goodkind had already set himself up with a juicy story that would have been far more interesting.  Instead of bring back the dead Emperor Sulachan, he could have had Richard and Kahlan give birth to the most powerful child ever born, starting a war with a witch woman, and all the struggles that the two of them would need to go through in order to raise the little powerhouse.  That was the story that I wanted and expected, and instead I got some four-book crap about…

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