Smorgasbord Guest Writer – Julie Lawford – Left/Write: On being a Southpaw

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As part of a series of health posts over the summer Julie Lawford explores the differences between those of us who are right and left-handed. Previously posted on Julie’s blog.

Left/Write: On being a Southpaw by Julie Lawford

I’ve never mentioned it before on my blog, but, in common with only around 10-12% of people, I’m left-handed.

At school, I was tormented for my left-handedness – but never by fellow pupils. My junior school was overseen by a psychotic headmaster with Victorian attitudes and a bullying streak that would have seen him shamed in today’s education system. In the 1960’s, the fact that he would, scarlet-faced with explosive rage, blood-vessels bursting from his neck, physically terrorise pupils who fell short of his most exacting standards, was considered acceptable. Parents did not feel burdened to look beyond the high academic standards the school achieved.

The curse of cursive

This terrifying man…

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