Mystery Mondays:Kelley Kay(e) Bowles on How She Became A Mystery Writer

Meet Mystery Writer Kelley Kaye Bowles from this post on Kristina Stanley’s blog

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Welcome to Mystery Mondays. I took a break last weekend to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.  The funnest part. A bear came by and checked us out at Happy Hour. He climbed a tree, so he could see us on our balcony. How Canadian is that?

We’re also celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Mystery Mondays. I’d like to take a moment and than all the wonderful authors who have contributed. You know who you are and you rock!

To kick off the third year of Mystery Monday, we have author Kelley Bowles here to talk about how she became a mystery writer!

Kelley Bowles on Becoming a Mystery Writer:

I am a Pacifist. My whole family is a pack of Pacifists. Proof of our Pacifism, beyond the fact that I must gently deposit all spiders outside, is shown in a much-loved family story. My father, when he was 17, was taken…

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6 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays:Kelley Kay(e) Bowles on How She Became A Mystery Writer

  1. Hi Don! Thanks for sharing this. You know how this post is primarily about my dad? Well, his name was Don too! 🤗📚


  2. Yup, Donald Wilson Bowles, AKA most well-read man I ever met…
    Though I’m not super thrilled with our current President’s apparent life outlooks, all the Donald’s I’ve actually met have been cool cats!

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