Travel 101: Always Have a Plan B

Here is some valuable long-term travel advice from photojournalist Stephen Dennstedt’s blog

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

When travelling internationally (especially for long periods of time) it’s always good to have a Plan B (redundancy is prudent). When I say long periods I mean years, not days, weeks or months. The first leg of my global adventure lasted five years (trekking Cuba, Mexico, Central America and South America).

I have been back in the USA since March refreshing my travel kit, both photographic and personal. Five years put a lot of wear & tear on my travel gear: jungles, beaches, mountains and deserts have all taken their toll. You can certainly replenish many things while you’re on the road (and I have) but sometimes American sizes (and quality) are problematic.

An essential piece of kit for me is a reliable watch. I am no longer a slave to time (having been retired since 2011) but there are still buses and planes to catch, people…

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